Shotgun shell strip used to hold 2 shotshells
Shotgun shell strip used to hold 2 shotshellsVelcro side of shotgun shell strip used to hold 2 shotshellsShotshell Strip Shorty mounted on a 12 gauge shotgunSize comparison between Shotshell Strip Shorty and Shotshell Strip

Shotshell Strip Shorty


What good is ammo if it isn’t there when you need it? Our Shotshell Strip is designed to attach easily to multiple loop (Velcro-like) surfaces. To get you started, we’ve included two adhesive loop strips. One that is acrylic-based for all high energy surfaces like metal. The other is synthetic rubber to hang tight to your plastic surfaces. Never get caught without a few extra rounds of ammo again.


Product Description

  • Holds 2 – 12 gauge shotgun shells
  • Back lined with hook for easy attachment to any Velcro-like loop surface
  • 2 different types of adhesive loop included for easy adherence to multiple surfaces
  • Made in the USA with 100% USA raw materials

Additional Information


Black, Tan


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