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Why USA Made Raw Materials Matter

We’ve all purchased products that claim to be made in America. In fact, many of us seek them out.

Unfortunately, the label made in America gets used pretty loosely. Often, it means the product was simply assembled here with foreign made raw materials. Most of the time there is no way of knowing where the raw materials in the products we purchase come from.

I applaud any US company manufacturing products here, even if they have some foreign made raw materials. But our approach here at Boxer Tactical is a little different.

We want to be transparent, we want to let you know where our raw materials originate. And, it’s important to us that our raw materials come from the United States.

Every raw material we use that is made in America supports another US factory that provides American jobs.

Take our Omni Sling for example. If we sewed that sling here with foreign-made raw materials, you’d only be supporting the employees here at Boxer Tactical. However, since we use all USA raw materials in the sling you not only support us, you support workers at 8 other factories around the US.

We know it’s hard finding 100% USA raw materials for all of our products, because we’ve lived it over the last 5 years.

But, we think it’s worth it. And, we hope you will, too.

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