Where can I buy your gear?

Currently you can purchase all of our products on this website and Amazon.  We will be adding more resellers and online stores in the future.

Where do you manufacture your products?

We have facilities in both Phoenix, Arizona and Traverse City, Michigan.

Why did you name the brand, Boxer?

Simply put, we own and love the breed. This quote says it all:
He is the soul of honesty and loyalty, and is never false or treacherous even in his old age.” 1938 AKC Boxer breed standard

How do I clean my Boxer Tactical product?

We recommend using warm water with a mild detergent; dip a sponge into the water, wring out excess water and wipe the nylon. Continually rinse the sponge with clean water making sure not to leave any detergent on the nylon. Lay the nylon on a flat surface away from direct sunlight to dry. Do not hang to dry.

We DO NOT recommend scrubbing the nylon with a brush as this can damage the fibers and stitching. Do not use heat to clean or dry the nylon.